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The Irisphotos project is dedicated to the celebration of life and how it is meant to be lived - with the utmost drive and passion. The idea was conceived out of a combined love of travelling, photography, and teaching. Irisphotos aims to provide tourists and amateur photographers an avenue to tour exciting new places while learning basic to intermediate photography techniques with the end-goal of bringing home images to treasure for life.

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John Quinto is an Information Technology manager, musician, avid traveler, professional project manager, gadget, food and party-lover based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. His inspirations include music, sports, books, art, movies, science, leadership and management theory, and good road trips! He plans to complete a life-quest to travel to all continents including Antarctica within the next five years.

"Thank you for visiting our website. Join us as we travel to various places both new and familiar – to tour the world, learn photography, and relive the memories through well-captured images. We hope we will learn from and enjoy the Journey together."Please contact us for any comments or suggestions:
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